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I am an energy drink phenom! Love the things, but there are a lot of bad ones out there that ruin the name. Also extremely overpriced average drinks. I am here to inform and educate on the many varieties that are available.

RockStar Zero Carb – Rating 4.5

This stuff is pretty friggin awesome! It is my premo number one choice when it comes to energy drinks.  When I take that first sip, its like little energy fairies are dancing on my tounge playing their happy little flutes.  … Continue reading

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Rating Scale

So I have come up with my own (patent pending) rating scale for MyEnergyDrinkReviews.  My scale ranges from 1 (being worst) to 5 (being the best) The description for a rating of #1 is an “Elephant just shit in my … Continue reading

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This is what it takes just to get by at work…

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Ready to Get Started!!

So here I am with my first website!  My name is Troy and I am somewhat of an Energy Drink Snob.  I need them in my life about as much as I need water (probably more).  I am pretty sure … Continue reading

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