RockStar Zero Carb – Rating 4.5

This stuff is pretty friggin awesome! It is my premo number one choice when it comes to energy drinks.  When I take that first sip, its like little energy fairies are dancing on my tounge playing their happy little flutes.  This stuff is THAT good.  I would REALLY like to give it a rating of 5, but I gotta go ahead and give it a 4.5  I am saving that rating of 5 for that drink that really changes my life.

You should go out and buy this shit immediately. It is what mornings are made of.  Also there is no sugar in the can! How do they pack so much awesome punch flavor and kick without sugar? It must be those crazy, dancing, flute playing fairies.  Strongly recommended to anybody looking for an affective great tasting drink.


About tdw1325

I am an energy drink phenom! Love the things, but there are a lot of bad ones out there that ruin the name. Also extremely overpriced average drinks. I am here to inform and educate on the many varieties that are available.
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