Ready to Get Started!!

So here I am with my first website!  My name is Troy and I am somewhat of an Energy Drink Snob.  I need them in my life about as much as I need water (probably more).  I am pretty sure my Thyroids have shut down and my body no longer produces its own natural energy. But why produce energy when you can buy it?

OK it appears my ADD is kicking and and I am getting a little off track.  I have created this site to entertain and inform about this crucial product.  I will be sampling many various energy drink and then putting in a detailed review on each along with a rating scale system (most likely 1 to 10).

I would like to compare what I am doing to a wine connoisseur, except I won’t be getting drunk during the process (who am I kidding? That’s a lie. I most definitely will be mixing in alcohol during this process).

So here is to the awesome journey (not for my health) of testing all the MANY energy drink there are available out there.  Please check back soon to find my results as I hope to update them as I go.  LETS GET CRAZY!!

***I would like to note that I am not a doctor, nor am I qualified to give medical advice. However, I do read a lot of WebMD and I drink an shit ton of these things, so I’m about as credible as anybody out there***


About tdw1325

I am an energy drink phenom! Love the things, but there are a lot of bad ones out there that ruin the name. Also extremely overpriced average drinks. I am here to inform and educate on the many varieties that are available.
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